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West Bengal infrastructure on growth mode and why you should invest

The need for growth in infrastructure in West Bengal is at its peak and so has real estate properties responded accordingly. Choosing to invest in West Bengal or Kolkata is probably a wise decision right now. A total of 20 business houses have shown interest in developing at least 22 townships in west Bengal. With a whole bunch of ambitious port projects and roads, the economic growth has achieved 10% increase. This was declared by Amit Mitra, the finance minister of West Bengal. if you are looking for bungalows in south kolkata

According to media reports, the central government has approved 3120 crore road project for Kolkata. When it comes to property investment and spending on real estate, Kolkata tops the list. It has and always remains a safe place for investment. Kolkata being the commercial capital of the eastern region is a thriving metropolitan city filled with vigour and life. If you are looking for flats in Kolkata, you must do some research before purchasing a flat or villas in Kolkata. Why buy a flat in Kolkata. Here are some of the major reasons:-

It is quite affordable – When it comes to buying a real estate in Kolkata or a property in Kolkata, Kolkata ranks amongst the cheapest and the most affordable in comparison to all the metro cities. There are an affordable range of housing facilities and the return on investment is promising.

The city has a good network and connections – The transportation facility is also worth mentioning. No matter where you are located, you can easily travel to any place all throughout Kolkata. The public transport is widespread including buses, cabs, metros, trams and railway facilities all through Kolkata and the suburbs of Kolkata. All these are easily accessible. The suburbs of Kolkata are also connected all throughout the city through roads and different modes of transportation. The city also has an international airport.

Social infrastructure – The city has a superb social infrastructure. There are hospitals, malls, banks, restaurants, and amusement parks. Metro railways are also on the verge of expansion all through Kolkata and the suburbs. The city has witnessed major infrastructure growth and development program in the past few years. The suburbs are also developing at a fast pace. Many real estate companies have also starting moving to the outskirts and suburbs of Kolkata.

There are chances of price escalation – Property prices are quite affordable in Kolkata in comparison to other metro cities. We are talking 2 to 3 bhks at a meagre sum price in lakhs, whereas other metro cities will add up to crores. Places such as barasat and rajarhat have awesome growth opportunities and demand for villas or flats. The demand for flats in such places is quite good. Once you buy, you can always sell this real estate property at a higher rate.

The above mentioned reasons are some of the best reasons to make you invest in real estate properties in Kolkata and the vicinity of Kolkata. There are a large number of reputed construction and real estate construction companies in Kolkata that will cater to the needs of their buyers. Visit Harbour Greens in Amtala to find Vaastu compliant homes in Kolkata. villas near Joka metro

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