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Looking for a Vaastu compliant home here in Kolkata? – Harbour Greens is the answer

Harbour Greens is built keeping in mind the principles of vaastu shahtra with each of us wishing well for themselves and for their families. We wish for love and happiness in our lives. The house that you live in will influence your life greatly if you believe and follow in vastu shashtra. affordable villas in south kolkata are available right here right now.

You need to check certain things in your house including the direction of major entrance door, room location, color of the wall used and much more. The New Year or the 2018 is the time of the year when people plan to make your future months fruitful and gainful. You must look for sound investment options with ever rising demand for homes and luxury villas. Amtala Harbour Greens is one such location where you can get all the luxury and reap good return on investment. If you are looking for vaastu checks or have them in mind, then you will find fruitful results. While buying a plot of land in the New Year, you must pay attention, to the slopes and roads.

Do not plan on buying a plot or avoid buying plots that face West, South or South west directions. If your plot will be used for commercial use, then you should always keep in mind the need for usage. A home facing towards the south-west direction is probably not recommended, where as a villas or a plot having a high zonal power towards the East, will prove to be good for a politician.

If you are planning on investing on a built-up apartment or a bungalow, then you must check on research based Vaastu Visharad process of evaluation for any entrance, elements and different object as follows:-
-Entrance door: facing towards the South will bring you quick promotion, and growth in your career, especially for those who are working in the MNCs. 2 doors in the south east and south will attract big money. But if an entrance to the south or south west is located, then it will bring bad luck, debts and a fall in poverty.

-Room Location: Do not buy bedrooms that face South and South west or north or North West. Even east south east Vaastu zones will not bring good results. Bathrooms and toilets in the north east and the south west, should be avoided. A shop or house must have the right planning according to the 16 Vaastu zones. This attracts monetary gains, profits and good health.

-Balance of all the 5 elements: You must conduct a Vaastu based evaluation, including certain points like water tanks, kitchen, plats, balcony, storage, open spaces, slopes, different colors and designs. If you have an underground water tank in the South East then it is probably hard to sell later down the road. But you can change that if you have already bought it, by using different colors, electric bulbs and metals. You can even talk to a well renowned Vaastu Visharad for this.

-Objects: Check the right placement for symbols, sculptures and paintings when purchasing a home for yourself and your family. The idols and worshiping objects should be placed in the north east zone. This will ensure divine power, through house and the persons’ body. This will give you clarity of mind, peace, success and good health.

Keep your toilets and dustbins towards the south south west, or in the east south west corner of the Vaastu zones. If they are located in any other zone, then it will hamper gains and successes brought in the New Year that you may undertake. villas near Joka metro

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