affordable villas in South Kolkata

Looking for you own bungalow in Amtala? You have made the right choice!!

Amtala has seen a sharp rise in real estate projects in the past couple of years. So why not consider buying a flat or even a villa in Amtala, Baruipur road. Investing in condos and affordable villas in south kolkata is the trend today and why not? This is always considered a wise decision as having an apartment is financially easy and convenient. You do not have to go through any hassle of finding a land and building your home there. With land rates or properties seeing a sharp rise, Harbour greens is like blessing in disguise.

It is getting difficult for home owners to build homes and thus they are happy with the idea of making an investment in villas, condos or flats. This is where Amtala Harbour Greens comes in. With flats and villas starting at only 13 lacs, harbour greens is the place to be. They have 1, 2 and 3bhk apartments in store for our first time home buyers. The residents of Kolkata have witnessed a wide number of flats in Joka and Amtala area. So they have plenty of buying options. Real estate companies are bringing in villas as residential complexes that provide or guarantees you a peaceful and affordable stay.

Want to live big? Then come to the vicinity of Amtala and Joka area. With a surge in high rise building and villas, this has boosted the craze for buying flats or villas in Amtala location on Baruipur road. You will get the best condos with all the modern amenities in the Amtala area. You may think why you would choose Amtala in Baruipur road. Well there are many good reasons to buy a villas in Amtala. We got it covered. Here is why:-

Cheaper prices – Villas in Amtala is cheaper in comparison to other real estate properties in Kolkata. If you have a certain budget in your mind, then come to us. We provide bungalows at reasonable rates. You will not only get best villas at affordable rates in Amtala, you also get them at lower prices in comparison to other flats. Stop choosing overpriced bungalows in other local areas in Amtala.

Endless options to splurge in – Amtala has endless residential complexes including villas and bungalows. Moreover, all these complexes are quite easy. You can find bungalows, to villas in south kolkata. These apartments are fully furnished to semi-furnished. These villas have striking features and characteristics that will ease your decision making process in buying a home for you and your family.

Location matters!! – Thus if you are looking to buy a house or any villas near Joka metro, then Amtala is a splendid location to spend your money on. With villas starting at just 13 lacs and apartments being close to banks, hospitals, schools and colleges, Amtala is the place to be. It is accessible to all major stations with good connectivity in terms of transportation medium.

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