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Legal Checklist before you buy a villa

Looking to by a villa, here are the things you should be looking at. People are often too quick to decide, when it comes to buying a villa for themselves, especially any villas that are lower in price range would be an automatic choice. What they don’t realize is that there might be legal complications that may tag along. There are quite a few things, that you should keep in mind, before you buy a villa for yourself. Its a big decision, and thus here are a list of few things that you need to look into before you make a purchase. bungalows in south kolkata includes the following:-

The title deed: The title deed document is crucial and key to the ownership of your villa. This document shows that you are the owner of the property. The title deed is a document and a proof of ownership of the property that you have just purchased.


Property tax existence paid or not: You must find out whether the property tax has already been paid or not. This will help ensure that all documents and papers are in place and are up to date. Payment of property tax will work as a type of assurance that requires some kind of valid document.

Site progress and possession of land: whether there is any site construction going on.

Finance options available: This is useful in 2 ways- first to get you a loan and second to give you confidence that a competent bank has reviewed all the legal papers of the developer before giving approval

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