Villas near Joka Metra

Why Joka claims to rise and claim its rightful place in the real estate industry?

We are a key market observer and can foresee huge scope in residential complexes thus coming up in Joka. Harbour Greens is one of the largest and the fastest growing real estate locations in the South Kolkata region. Who would not want to live in a home in a pristine countryside that would be very close to the city for that ultimate weekend fun? Almost all would like it, as everyone appreciates having the choice of choosing. With the sudden spate of urbanization that has been taking place in the industry in certain areas in Kolkata, there has been a sharp rise in case of locality in Joka.

Factors for growth spurt

The major reason as to why the population of Kolkata is looking out beyond vicinity is due to the fact that the maximum population prefers to build houses that have been built as per someone else’s specifications. It has been a bit tough to contain within city limits, due to the budget and other factors. But people have decided to look beyond the borders and move forth to get themselves houses beyond the outskirts. Joka is one such location. Find your dream home now through us for middle income groups and higher income groups.

Future trends and similar expectations

The expansion of metro has been a revolutionary move last year. With the extension of metro every year, more people are contributing to the growth spurt in the real estate industry. They could be acquired at a good price at per sq.ft of land sometime back. With the higher number of high rises touching the horizon, there is no chance of stagnation soon enough. The prices in fact may just scale up and keep rising until there is a Joka visible beyond it.

Transportation facilities availability

There haven’t been too many transportation facilities available in this area. Thus this place has been secluded for so long. There are many talks of going on without having to expand the metro line and accommodate these areas from tollygunj. With that being said, there has been a boom in the real estate business. It remains to be seen what the effect will be when the metro is laid down. There are private vehicles and taxis. There are tram lines that start in Behala and ends at the tram depot. There is also a telephone exchange and many other land marks that make it an ideal place to live.

If you looking for villas near Joka metro, then Harbour Greens is the place to be. With tons of amenities and lush green gardens, choosing the best real estate is easier now.

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