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Buying a new home in Kolkata – A checklist for picking a location

Buying a new villa or a home is not just an investment, but a lifestyle up gradation. The location of the villa or bungalow should also be considered while property hunting, since it’s all about where you live and find sanctity. If you are in the city of Joy, then do not jump guns or buy any villas in Kolkata since its location will mostly determine the true value of your total investment in the near future. Here are a few major factors that you must keep in mind while you pick the right location of your property:-

1. The city and the dense areas in sundarbans – We have to understand the fact that in the last few years, the suburbs have undergone a major improvement. The reason due to this is that is that people are looking for places that are close to various facilities and locations adjoining Kolkata. You can find cheaper plots in suburban areas in comparison to the city. But you must also consider the factors such as proximity towards your workplace, hospitals, shopping malls, schools and markets. You must also know the fact that there is a huge difference in suburban lifestyle and city lifestyle. You must consider these factors when picking some kind of location.

2. Area Safety – Safety is also a major concern while picking up a location. Check the number of crimes and the percentage of crime rates in such areas. You may find a property that is cheaper in price that has a greater crime rate. So ask yourself, if putting your life at risk for such a property is worth it. Thus check the reputation of the area. You may check with the local people in the area. This may give you a fair idea of whether to buy a home in that area or not.

3. Check for basic amenities – you must check for connectivity of the area within the vicinity of the city. This place is well connected with train, bus and cars. If the airport is far away from home, then access to local transport is must. If you have to move around in that area, then finding a villas that has access to such local transport, is a must. You must see if rickshaws are available or something about municipal services. You must also check for things like availability of proper drainage areas with proper services during the monsoons. You must check on things like connectivity and the area of the city. It must be well connected through bus, cars, cabs and trains.

You must ask things like – how far is the airport; do you have any local transport options moving within the areas? You must check all these factors before you zero in on that area. These points will help you know that which location is most suitable for you. You must see which locality suits you the most. If you are thinking of buying a villa in Kolkata, then you can check for affordable bungalow projects in Amtala, as it is one of the bestest locations in Kolkata.

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