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Vastu compliant and affordable living tips for real estate in 2018

Vastu compliant homes may come in as a superstition, but it’s true that it ensures the flow of aura and positive energy. If you are looking for smarter and cheaper living in Kolkata, then Amtala is the right destination for you. With tens of housing projects being constructed in Amtala, Harbour Greens is yet another real estate project that has been successful amongst home buyers. According to sources, the cheapest villas available in Amtala will cost you just 13lacs. If you compare it to other villas and bungalows, Harbour Greens is way too affordable and is an ultimate destination for home buyers who are looking to find affordable housing in the vicinity of Kolkata. Affordable villas in south kolkata is available within 20 lacs in Amtala. How cool is that?

According to sources, Harbour Greens is vastu compliant and has all the recreational facilities. This makes it an ideal place to live. They have modern facilities, gyms, swimming pools, 24 hours security, badminton courts, and ample space for you to walk around. If you are looking for more money, and wished that your year would be a good one and begin with both love and happiness in your life, then you will be amazed and shell-shocked to know that homes that you live in very much influences your respective lives.

According to documented research, Vastu Shastra proves that you need to check certain things in your home including things like the direction of the main entrance door, location of your room, colors used on the walls and much more. This new year plan your living accordingly so that your future months are fruitful. Making sound investment options should be your prime focus. Thus if you are planning on investing on a property, then a vastu compliant home is a must. Call it a superstition, but everyone who owns a home is looking for a vastu compliant houses.

While selecting a property – whether be it residential and commercial, you should keep the following vastu checks in mind. This will ensure good return on investment. While purchasing a plot or land this new year, you must pay attention to adjacent roads and slopes. Avoid buying a plot with the road hitting on the south, west or south-west directions. If the plot you chose is mainly for commercial use, then you should keep in mind the purpose of its usage. For example – a plot with a cut in the south-west direction is not advisable for purchasing option, whereas a plot with higher zonal power will prove to be good for a politician.

If you are planning on investing in a built-up bungalow or villa, then you must consult with a Vastu visharad evaluation process including the entrance room, room locations, elements and objects are as follows:- Entrance door, room locations, balance of 5 elements and objects. In order to attract more prosperity and growth in this New Year, clear the North-East Zone of all clutter. Place all idols and gods in this place. This will ensure flow of divine power and grace through all throughout your house and your body. This will gift you clarity of mind, success in life and good health. Harbour Greens is a residential property and one of the best affordable villas in south Kolkata located in the vicinity of Kolkata Amtala near Joka metro. villas near Joka metro, then Amtala is the place to be.

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